The difference between a leveling kit and a lift kit

April 11th, 2023 by

The lift kit vs leveling kit is a classic dilemma, but there are some things to consider. What are you looking to do with your vehicle? Some examples of that would be off-roading or are you looking to put bigger tires on? Also, what is your budget? Both kits can add a lot of value and purpose to your vehicle, but some are better accustomed to specific tasks and terrain. Continue reading to learn the difference between lift kits and leveling kits. Giving you the knowledge to make the right decision for your vehicle.


Lift kit

A lift kit is designed to raise the full body of your vehicle higher in the air by modifying the suspension. Since it involves your suspension you will need to hire a mechanic to properly install it. With new springs, shocks, control arms, and brake line modifications it can be a process. If you enjoy off-roading this may be a good investment for you. The vehicle would be higher off the ground preventing any rocks and dirt from hitting the underbelly of the vehicle. A lift kit is also great if you are looking to put bigger tires on your vehicle without hitting the inside fender of the bumper. Larger tires also provide more traction control on snow, ice, and muddy terrain. Which is great for our Montana weather.


Leveling kit

As you can probably guess from the name leveling kits are designed to level the height of your vehicle. Raising the front nose of your vehicle 1-2 inches so it is equal to the back end of the vehicle. That raise in the front can also be great for slightly bigger tires but not as large as a lift would give room for. If you are someone that has a winch or a plow on your vehicle leveling kits are a great way to bring up that original height of your vehicle. These kits are also less expensive than a lift kit as the installation is easier and fewer parts are bought.


which is right for you?

Again, both level and lift kits are a great investment for your vehicle. It really comes down to how you plan on using your vehicle. Whether or not your big on off-roading if you’d like some room for larger tires, the leveling kit could be the perfect fit! If you want the look of a lifted style vehicle that is higher up, the lift kit is the way to go. If you have any questions regarding your vehicle and which kit is best for you, not to worry Kalispell Ford is here to help! Give our accessories manager Chris Van Kempen a call at (406)-756-6551 to answer any questiona you may have. If you would like to have one of these kits on your vehicle he can help you schedule that as well.