Our Team Going Above and Beyond for Our Community

May 17th, 2024 by

At Kalispell Ford, we believe that being a good community citizen is one of our core values. Therefore, we are committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve.  Additionally, we are incredibly proud when our team members take this mission to heart. Today, we want to spotlight one of our outstanding Product Specialists, Roy. He is going above and beyond to make a difference in our local community.

Giving Back with Every Sale

Our Product Specialist Roy has decided to donate $20 from every car he sells each month to a local non-profit group. Likewise, his dedication to giving back is truly inspiring and exemplifies the spirit of community and generosity that we cherish at Kalispell Ford. For example, in April, Roy made a significant contribution by donating a rounded-up amount of $350 to the Northwest Montana Rodeo Team. This donation will support the team in their endeavors and help them continue to be a source of pride and entertainment for our community.

Supporting the Northwest Montana Rodeo Team

The Northwest Montana Rodeo Team is a beloved local organization that provides thrilling rodeo events and promotes the rich cultural heritage of rodeo sports in our region. Therefore, donations like the one from Roy help the team cover essential expenses, including equipment, travel, and training. By supporting the rodeo team, Roy is not only contributing to the team’s success but also enhancing the community spirit that these events foster.

A Commitment to Community

At Kalispell Ford, we believe that each and every one of us can make a difference in the community we live in. Roy’s initiative is a shining example of how individual efforts can create a significant positive impact. Whether it’s through volunteer work, donations, or simply lending a helping hand to a neighbor. As a result, we all have the power to contribute to the betterment of our community.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We are inspired by Roy’s commitment and encourage others to find ways to give back. Small actions can lead to big changes. And together, we can build a stronger, more supportive community. If you are interested in supporting the Northwest Montana Rodeo Team or other local non-profits, we invite you to reach out and learn more about how you can get involved.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, our team at Kalispell Ford is more than just a dealership. We are a part of the community. Our commitment to being good community citizens is reflected in the actions of team members like Roy. And those who go the extra mile to make a difference. We are proud to support and celebrate their efforts. Likewise, we look forward to continuing to serve our community with integrity, generosity, and care.

Thank you, Roy, for your dedication and for setting an example for all of us. Together, we can create a brighter future for Kalispell, Montana.

In addition, you can follow Roy the Car Guy on Facebook to witness more of his contributions.