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The Electric Truck Journey

Many manufacturers are beginning to engineer electric truck, car and SUV vehicles. With rising gas prices and environmental concerns this upward trend is not just a fad. Ford plans to invest more than $22 billion in its electric vehicle segment through 2025. Since having the best selling truck in America for the last 45 years, Ford understands Americans do not want to give up their trucks to go electric. Ford’s answer, the 100% electric truck, the F-150 Lightning. With a driving range between 230-320 miles, advanced technology and power that surpasses the competition. Prices range from just $40,000-$90,000 depending on the desired trim level. You can now get an all electric truck, in a full-size truck with out breaking the bank!


Ford did not miss a beat when coming up with engineering plans to make a electric truck “Built Ford Tough”. The Lightning provides everything current F-150 owners get out of their trucks and much more! Without the need for a gasoline engine the space under the hood has now been turned into a storage “trunk” area. This is the largest front bed available for storage. Turn heads with the front light-bar that connects to both headlights. The Lightning also features an independent rear suspension.

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BlueCruise Technology

Hands free driving that is safe and simple. This advanced technology uses a driver facing camera and radar sensing technology to keep you on the road. Designed for pre-qualified section of North American highways known as Hands Free Blue Zones.


When it comes to towing the F-150 Lightning will certainly knock your socks off. Not only can it tow up to 10,000 lbs through any mountain pass, the Lightning also feature a handful of driver assist technologies. Hooking up, backing, up and covering trailer blind spots has never been so simple.

Pro-Trailer Hitch Assist

Not everyone is a pro at hooking up a trailer to a truck. This process for most takes 2 people to get the job done. With the Pro-Trailer Hitch assist you can now hook up your trailer by yourself, even for beginners. This system aids in aligning the ball on your hitch to your trailer. By automatically controlling the steering wheel, braking, and throttle. Once the truck stops all the driver has to do is lower the trailer to the ball. Certainly convenient!

On Board Scales

You never have to guess how much weight is in the back of your truck again. This technology measures the payload weight and displays it on the dash screen. You can also view the weight from the On Board scales on your mobile phone through the Ford Pass app.

Smart Hitch

Ever wonder if the weight of your trailer is distributed evenly on the tongue and hitch of your truck? With Smart hitch you can measure the tongue weight through the dash screen or Ford Pass mobile app. You ill also receive guidance on how to redistribute weight if it is off.

Pro Trailer Back-Up Assist

Forget about the aggravation that comes with trying to back up a trailer in a tight spot. Simply turn a knob in the direction you want the trailer to go from the picture on your dash screen. The Pro Trailer Back-Up Assist will respond accordingly.

Trailer Reverse Guidance

If you want to stay in control while backing up your trailer the Lightning gives you a full view of what’s around you. The Trailer Reverse Guide highlights any obstacles around your trailer through cameras and visual guides displayed on your dash screen.


If loosing power by going electric is of concern the fact is the F-150 Lightning has more power than any F-150. Equipped with 563 available horsepower and 775 ft. lbs. of torque. As a result you can get from 0-60 MPH is a mid 4 second range.

Pro Power On-Board

Turn your truck into a personal generator with 11 available outlets. Located in the front “trunk” are 4 120V outlets. The cab of the Lightning features 2 120v outlets. Also in the bed of the Lightning is 4 more 120V outlets and 1 240V outlet. Plug in everything you need while camping or on a job site.

Ford Intelligent Back-Up Power

 With this technology you can solely power a home for up to three days or up to 10 days if rationing power! Never worry about being left in the dark again during a power outage.  

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F-150 Lightning

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