Changing Oil Too Often Costs More Money

Changing your oil too often just costs more money. It doesn't truly help your vehicle. It only takes away from your expendable income. Oil changes need to typically take place every 7,500 miles. You may have been told you need an oil change every 3,000 miles or so. That was the standard years ago. These days cars, trucks and SUV's are simply designed better.

Most modern vehicles have better engines equipped to go longer periods without oil changes. Oil chemistry has also become better. All of this means fewer oil changes for you and every other vehicle owner. Your owner's manual will generally tell you the specific intervals recommended for your individual vehicle. Our service team can also help with that information.

Here at Kalispell Ford, our service staff can also give you tips on oil assessment, warning signs to look for and a regular maintenance program. We're here to help you help your vehicle last. You can schedule an appointment with us at 2000 Rose Crossing today!

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