Why Choose Ford's 2018 Expedition Over GMC Yukon

If you are shopping for a new SUV, why not consider the new 2018 Ford Expedition. There are reasons this one should be more impressive than the GMC Yukon. The entirely new Expedition is more than just an updated version of the old one. It has been re-engineered to take on the competition and win.

For instance, access to the third row of seats is easier with the tip and glide system that allows the second row of seats to be moved out of the way so passengers can enter the vehicle without having to strain. In addition, there is more leg room for everyone from front to back. Unlike the Yukon, Ford's 2018 Expedition's radar-based cruise control brings the vehicle to a complete stop and then regains cruising speed after a dangerous situation without the driver ever having to touch a pedal. The Expedition also has a larger towing capacity than its competitor too.

So, if you are on the hunt for a new SUV in the local area, be sure to stop by Kalispell Ford to check this one out for yourself.

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