Technology & Towing Improvements Make the 2018 Expedition More Practical Than Ever

The 2018 model year marks the launch of the Ford Expedition's fourth generation—a complete redesign after ten long years of only minor updates and refreshes. What's new?

Lighter & Stronger for Class-Leading Towing

Following in the footsteps (or tread marks?) of the Ford F-150, the 2018 Expedition shaves off up to 300 pounds in weight by switching from steel to aluminum body panels. Ford also promises increases to horsepower and torque, though exact details are being withheld for now.

All that adds up to more trailering capability—up to 9,300 pounds.

Technology to Simplify Your Life

For the first time, the 2018 Expedition will offer Pro Trailer Backup Assist technology, a feature that cuts time spent trying to control a trailer that seems to have a mind of its own in reverse. For experienced trailer-towers, it can shave minutes off the routine. For novices pulling a trailer for the first time, it can save hours of frustration, and innocent mailboxes and fence posts.

Other new technologies include SYNC Connect, which allows Ford owners to start their vehicles remotely using a smartphone app. Perfect for those sub-zero Montana winter mornings when you just want your SUV to be warmed up, defrosted, and ready for you.

The 2018 Expedition is coming this fall to Kalispell Ford!

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