30 Days of Giving

November 2nd, 2022 by

Kalispell Auto Group’s 30 Days of Giving

For the entire month of November, The Kalispell Auto Group is taking the November gratitude challenge to the next level. We wanted to do something extra special to give back to the community that does so much for us. We are introducing 30 Days of Giving!

What is 30 Days of Giving?

Each day in November, we are giving away $1,000 daily, to a different local organization, nonprofit or club. We are inviting the public to submit their nominations on any of the Kalispell Auto Group Facebook pages; (Kalispell Toyota, Kalispell Ford, and Kalispell Volkswagen). Once all of the nominations are submitted for the week, we will announce the winners each Friday throughout the month.

Then, to share the fun, the Kalispell Auto Group employees will get to vote on who they believe is deserving of a $1,000 donation. The first round of recipients will be announced on Friday, November 11th. Once we announce winners, we will deliver checks to each organization once we come in contact with each group. The nominations that are NOT chosen for that week, will still be in the running for the next round of voting. So, if your organization was nominated on week one, but not chosen that week, you still have the chance of winning on a different week! However, once a group has been chosen for a $1,000 donation, they will then be taken out of the running.

To re-cap: that’s $1,000 a day, to 30 different organizations or nonprofits, for a total of $30,000 back to our community.

How do I nominate an organization?

Organizations and nonprofits can be nominated by tagging them on our Facebook post. We will reach out to each group,  every Friday, to let them know if they are one of the $1,000 recipients.


We are so excited to give back to our community! Please click this link to nominate your local organization, nonprofit, or club.

30 days of giving